Change & Transition Support

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Change & Transition Support is for clients who need support during large-scale change initiatives. Support is provided to leaders and team to enhance organizational performance.

Clients may desire an increased understanding and capacity in:

  • Change management process
  • Organizational culture
  • Organizational development & structure
  • Team dynamics
  • Overall management of large-scale change

Through Change & Transition Support, clients may also request:

  • Project Management for project support
  • Lean Facilitation for process improvement
  • Design & Facilitation for meeting, training, or identified intervention

Sheri has a unique blend of organizational development, coaching, lean improvement, and project management to facilitate change, organizational and team development, and implement interventions that support people navigating continuous change to supporting organizational effectiveness.

Sheri’s is an experienced operational leader, coach, project manager, and lean facilitator supporting large scale organizational change initiatives including process and quality improvements. Her experience includes coordinating projects across multiple departments and medical centers as well as working with multiple levels of leadership.

Change & Transition Support may achieve, but is not limited to:

  • Clarity of current state and desired future state both tangible (process and structures) and intangible (culture, teamwork, and relationships)
  • Increased collaboration, teamwork, and interpersonal relationships
  • Increased communication and strategic planning
  • Enhanced change management process and tools
  • Enhanced project management process and tools
  • Successful implementation of change initiative

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